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FREDDY R RODRIGUEZ Writer & Director

On set of Dawn of Retribution

On set of Dawn of Retribution
The Director setting of the one scene 03/31/2018

When I wrote the script “DAWN of RETRIBUTION” four years ago, it was an ambitious project. So, I left it alone to direct “LOCUS EST”, another short film that I wrote the same year. About four years later, I approached the script again, and this time I had friends and colleagues to support me which led to me jumping back in to direct the project.

Personally, I felt very attached to the story due to it discussing things like fate, feelings, and betrayal. It was also euphoric to have the chance to work with a group filled with talented people to bring together a story of two siblings and a best friend’s journey in just one night. Sometimes, you spend all your life looking for the truth, but the truth is hidden and there are also things that are not meant to be discovered.

Directing the Bar Scene on 04/15/2018


Always work to improved your craft, don't stop to working on it. Innovate your self everyday of your life! And most important DREAM!

Director Thought:

For me, working with the actors and getting each of the characters developed and crafted to get the movie ready to show on screen brings about many layers of feelings and it is such a diverse situation of our own daily lives. For me, this feels so powerful and perfectly exemplifies my love for storytelling and cinema. Cinema is one art form that I have respected for most of my life and it thrills me to be working in such a field.

Written & Directed by

Freddy R. Rodriguez


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