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YULIETTE ASON Producer & Executive Producer

Also a photo shoot
Location scouting for Dawn of Retribution.

Dawn of Retribution is a short film that has been three years in the making. From its beginning, I wanted to be cinematic as the director. The first time I read the script, I loved it but it was unfinished. Back then, it was impossible to achieve because we did not have the means, tools, connections, and men power. In other words, it was challenging. In its place, we decided to produce Locus Est in 2016.

Fast forward to 2018, my director published on Facebook a picture of him self-rewriting on his script and people buzz about it like crazy. Originally, we were going to produce a trailer, but we end doing pre-producing, producing, and now post-producing the whole short. The making of this movie had expanded my horizons as a producer.

Everglade FL 2018
Prepping on location 2018

Producer Tips:

You can make any all your dreams come truth. Just believed in your self! However, we don't stop working hard to achieve are Director vision for, that is our commitment. Always!


As a producer filmmaker, I was first -hand witness of how the magic of a story happens from the sheet to screen. We had dedicated talents and amazing crew. Our main talents worked very hard for three months before shooting. They work pay off. They were capable to deliver our story. The pre-production, lasted 3 months, productions two weekends with a crazy schedule, and we are still in post-production. Nevertheless, complications were part of our days, but we overcame every single one them. My parents and my AD’s mother helped us with catering. The locations were amazing and very distance one from another, especially on the first weekend. The car that we were able to use is a classic Buick. The whole producing experience of DOR has been the real deal for me. I do have to thanks for the help & support from my director to every person who professionally allowed me to live my dream career.


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